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Things to Do, Sights to See in Lakewood, Colorado

Things to Do, Sights to See in Lakewood, Colorado

Colorado is known for its Midwestern charm and scenic views. Skiing, snowboarding, and a mountainous backdrop are what typically come to mind when considering the midwestern capital. But aside from the aforementioned, what else does Colorado offer? Well, if you’re planning on staying in Lakewood — plenty!

Here are just a few events and activities situated in the area of Lakewood:

  • 40 West Arts District

Are you into painting, music, improv, sculpting, acting, and tasteful graffiti? Well, 40WA offers all that and more! A state-certified creative district, this is where explorers of the arts breed grounds for creative expression of all kinds. Thanks to the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design located right in the middle of the district, you’ll be mingling with various students and creative minds at this must-see destination for the arts.

  • Shopping

If you love looking for the latest trends and learning where all the hot-spots are, come mingle and schmooze at the several shopping establishments in Lakewood. From the luxurious Colorado Mills Mall to the Belmar, you’ll enjoy several high-class, and high fashion shops with top name brands in each outlet. And when you’re tired or ready for a snack, meal, rest, or all three, have a seat at the many cafes and restaurants available.

  • Parks, Forests and Scenic Views

If you’re more active and wish to go on an adventure in the woods, Lakewood provides some of the best you’ll see in the great outdoors.


  • 99 parks thousands of acres long
  • Over 150 miles of trails for bike riding, hiking, horseback riding and more
  • Diverse horticulture programs
  • Forestry education

A community is something to be enjoyed and engaged in, and the town of Lakewood provides all that in a quant, and charming package.

Consider a trip to Lakewood today.



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