Things to do in Los Angeles (LA)

The city of Los Angeles is a metropolis with a rich cultural heritage and an interesting history. Los Angeles can be one of the most expensive destinations in the country, but there are a lot of free fun things to do if you don’t have much to spend. With many public gardens, free beaches, and a host of entertainment options, it is easy to find things to do in LA without spending a lot of money.

Explore Hollywood

Go to Tinseltown and tour the many sights you’ve always seen on TV! Most Hollywood attractions like the Hollywood sign, the Walk of Fame, and the famed TCL Chinese theatre can all be seen for free.

Visit a Free Museum

Many of the great museums in LA charge some admission fee, but they typically offer at least a free day every month for all visitors. Besides, there are many more museums that have free admissions daily.

Attend a Show Taping

While in LA, you can go to a TV show taping of a talk show, game show, reality show, your favorite sitcom, or even one that you never heard of before, and it could turn out to one of the fun and unique things to do in LA. It is also a great way of meeting celebrities. Many of the studios are smaller than you might expect, so attending a show taping can be a really unique and exciting experience.

The California Science Center

The science center situated in Exposition Park is a fun place for both kids and adults. Apart from the many science exhibits, they also showcase the Endeavor Space Shuttle. There is a small fee for other special attractions and the IMAX Theatre as well. On weekdays, most mornings are jam-packed with groups from various schools, so weekends and afternoons are best to visit.

LA Night Tours

While some attractions close up at sundown, many others stay active long after dark. You may consider going to a musical, a concert, or even a sporting event.

Amusement parks are also open after dark and can be exciting attractions for a nighttime tour. There are a lot more things to do in LA, and if you have a little money to spend, a tour guide may help you discover more.


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