Travel Credit Cards: Complicated and Confusing No More!

Travel credit cards
When we’re going abroad, there’s universally one thing we all have in common; no matter our nationality, the place we’re about to visit or the nature of our trip. You got it, we all need money - and if you’re working with a tight budget, you may just need more money than you actually have to have...

Commute Comfortably… and Affordably!

Commute affordable
Let’s face it, we only enjoy travelling when we know we’re going somewhere fun; somewhere with warm weather and plenty of enjoyable activities. But, for most of us, the only travelling we get to experience is the daily commute. The painstaking journeys to and from work that always seem to put us in the worst mood -...

Cheap Travel Insurance: Be Safe, Not Sorry

Travel insurance
It’s probably the most boring thing you have to think about before you go on holiday. Most likely, you’re wanting to just forget about it and enjoy your time in the sun; after all, what is even the point in travel insurance?  “I’m not clumsy”. “I’m pretty sensible”.

Travel Trailers: Too Many Questions!

Travel trailer
You’re going on holiday, without the need of soaring thousands of metres into the sky! You’ve chosen to holiday in the country you live in, so it’s important to go to the extra mile and make the trip as great as can be. “How?” you may ask; the travel trailer.  Travel trailers have been...

Travel Bags: Go Hard or Go Soft?

Travel Bags
You’ve taken the plunge; the flights are booked, the hotel room is secured and you’re finally doing it - you’re finally going on holiday. But, before you can enjoy the fruits of a week away in the sun, you have a lot of preparations to make.  Specifically, we’re talking about travel bags and the...

Free Fun Things to Do in LA

Things to do in Los Angeles (LA)
The city of Los Angeles is a metropolis with a rich cultural heritage and an interesting history. Los Angeles can be one of the most expensive destinations in the country, but there are a lot of free fun things to do if you don’t have much to spend. With many public gardens, free beaches, and a host...

5 Tips to Reduce the Effects of Jet Lag

Reduce the Effects of Jet Lag
Anyone who has traveled across several time zones by airplane knows about jet lag. Characterized by tiredness, insomnia, and irritability, jet lag happens because of a disruption to the body's internal clock. This internal clock is known as the circadian rhythm. Jet lag tends to have more pronounced effects on people who travel...

10 Fascinating Facts – The Island of Curaçao

Facts about Curacao
The Island of Curaçao, one of the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao and also referred to as the Leeward Antilles), is a true gem of the Caribbean. If you are in search of mesmerizing beaches, fantastic hiking, a thriving art scene, and exciting nightlife with live music and entertainment, your visit to Curaçao will not...

Things to Do in Geneva Switzerland

Things to Do in Geneva Switzerland
Sleek Geneva, Switzerland, is more than just a gateway to an Alpine ski holiday. This affluent city is home to many historic sites, museums, chic bars, and upscale restaurants. A charming city surrounded by the Alps and Jura mountains, Geneva can be well explored by car. Renting a car here lets you go at your own pace,...

Things to Do, Sights to See in Lakewood, Colorado

Things to Do, Sights to See in Lakewood, Colorado
Colorado is known for its Midwestern charm and scenic views. Skiing, snowboarding, and a mountainous backdrop are what typically come to mind when considering the midwestern capital. But aside from the aforementioned, what else does Colorado offer? Well, if you're planning on staying in Lakewood -- plenty! Here are just a few events...